"Reimagine arcade classics for future generations.

Ghosts 'N Goblins

Ghosts 'N Goblins - Demon World. (Pending approval of developer license from CAPCOM)

“All the bodies throughout history have been buried in the world’s tallest peak, Graveyard Mountain. All but one man has fallen into darkness as the dead have risen. Become King Arthur and descend 4,000 miles into the core of Demon World, destroy Lucifer, and save the princess.”

Ghosts 'N Goblins - Demon World - Concept Cover. Art by Transylvanian neighbor Vuk Kostic. 

Ghosts 'N Goblins - Demon World. New Bosses Concept Art by Transylvanian neighbor Vuk Kostic.

Ghosts 'N Goblins - Demon World - Map Concept. Art by Transylvanian neighbor Vuk Kostic. 

Ever wonder why Arthur climbed a mountain to fight Lucifer? We did too.

Inspired by the original Japanese name, we have transformed the map into a world where you descend through 8 layers of crust to fight not only your favorite classic characters, but new bosses like the Grim Reaper, Goblin King, and Werewolf. Lose your armor and swim to battle the Water Monster.

Game Design – Key Elements

What key GnG traditions will you be keeping in Demon World?  

1) Double-beat  

We won't be doing the double-beat in the same way as in the 80s (When they had memory limitations. Beat it again but crank up the difficulty!), but, we are keeping the tradition and have reimagined the concept. You will need the cross weapon (NO bracelet!) but that’s all we can say. Here’s a hint however: What would happen after you descended all the way into the depths of hell and killed Lucifer? The answer to that is the second half of the game.

2) Difficulty  

We are keeping the tradition of difficulty. Sorry Joe! You will have to practice more. 

  • Get hit once with no armor and you die.
  • Get hit twice with armor or run out of time? Dead.
  • No armor shield upgrades.
  • No difficulty modes.
  • After death, you’ll either return to the start or halfway point of the layer/level. 
  • Precise jumping and timing is key. You will get a key, raise your arms, and unlock a ...massive graveyard gate.
  • Cruel enemy patterns. Don't fall on a bad weapon after that annoying fast flying Red Devil hit you.
3) Weapons, Treasures, Armor, etc.
  • Jumping in certain spots will make a treasure chest erupt from the ground. An evil magician will sometimes appear. But what will happen after? That’s a surprise. 
  • Weapons will fire in all directions. Weapons will each have specific speed, trajectory, and power. The axe will have that great arc for the perfect situation. The daggers will be the fastest. Lance? Ugh. 
  • There will be gold/bronze (not green!) armor and magic attacks associated with the weapon you’re carrying. No POW. 
  • Double-jump where you can change directions in mid-air. 
  • Boxers or briefs? Briefs! Arthur spends all day jumping. 
4) Number Of Players

  • There will only be one character to play, King Arthur. No Lancelot or Perceval from the Gold Knights series. They are dead. Demon World is about one man, saving the world from Lucifer.  
  • Unlimited amount of people can play King Arthur. You select the number of players before starting, but multiple players simply alternates between the players. “Hand controller to player 6.” Beating the game can be a team effort. You die, you hand the controller to the next person and they start where you left off. This way, a family of five can play with only one controller and you don’t have to re-watch the layer you just beat. You don't need to spend money on an extra $50 controller when a friend is visiting.
What will the graphics and game play look like? 

We are keeping the cartoony, traditional look, just updated. The concept art is darker because we wanted to bring back the tradition of the Genesis/arcade Ghouls 'N Ghosts artwork. Making the promotional art darker than the game. Be scared by the packaging, but not by the game. The graphics will be 3D (not exactly like Ultimate) but the mechanics and gameplay will be mostly 2D. Some call this 2.5D.Ever play Super Paper Mario? In Demon World, after you beat a level and descend to the next layer, you will temporarily be in a 3D world during your descent to Hell. Arcade mechanics that make the game feel retro but look modern. Similar to a darker New Super Mario Bros. Wii/Wii U. 

Tell me about the music. 

Minimal and simplistic, like the original arcade music. Made from Hollywood quality digital sampled medieval instruments. No orchestras here. When you temporarily enter a 3D world in between layers however, the music also changes to 100% 8 bit chiptunes. For a moment, your 2014 game will have a 1985 soundtrack. It’s not a Ghosts ‘N Goblins game without the original theme and map music. We will be fighting hard to keep it that way. 

Levels and map:

  • You start in the world's largest, and only graveyard. The graveyard itself is the first level. Want to jump over your own tombstone while playing? Pledge the "Graveyard Mountain Package."
  • 8 layers (levels) to beat Lucifer.
  • Linear play. 
  • No chasing golden rings. 
  • No backtracking. 
  • No teleporting. 
  • Kill dead pirates on damaged ships on Seas Of The Dead. Skeleton Knights rule the Scull Caverns. Can you guess the rest of the names of the levels (see level concept art below)? Pledge the “Three Headed Dragon Package” and you can help us create a level that will replace one of ours. 
  • A water level where you lose your armor and spend the whole time under water like Mario in SMB . Gigantic prehistoric skeleton sharks.
  • The map will pan from top to bottom instead of left to right. Instead of ascending to beat Lucifer, you will be descending to the depths of hell to fight him. 
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